• While I'm here with happiness,
    the world can still suffer.
    When the day turns gray for me,
    For others, it may be bright.
    Why is that so?

    Something given to me, only to make me glad.
    What a wonderful thing to do right?
    However, it's not so if you regret and express anger afterwards.
    And I wonder, "Why is that so?"

    My heart is heavy...I'm confused. The world's spinning and my glee was turned to pain in an instant. If what you did was regretful, should I still be happy? Was it something I've done?

    I didn't show appreciation.

    You said that when you were a kid, you didn't have the things I had.
    "So?", I thought. "You're jealous?"
    But alas, it was deeper than that. It was far from attachment.

    I didn't show appreciation.

    It's not too late to show appreciation but...I can't swallow my pride and say, "Thank you". You won't accept and so will I. We never will.

    I weep and my heart groans.
    I trip over crestfallen thoughts.
    "Today, shall be today. Tomorrow shall be tomorrow. And, yesterday, shall never be forgotten."

    Will the world ever make sense to me? Will I stay confused while another finds hope and luck? If my appreciation shows then why...why is it so...agonizing?