• Get your teacup hereon,
    I shall also; let's have the sky.
    The sky in our teacups, a wonderful thing.
    We'll have our hello; we'll have our goodbye.

    Time is gone-
    Panic arises; not for you or me.
    Distress runs amok; the tea's still here.
    Can't we all taste it and see?

    The tea's turned violet, we now yawn.
    We've grown weary; here we lay.
    Now it's orange and we're still sane,
    What a peculiar day today.

    Every moment are stairs steps we dance on
    We slowly hear the glass break,
    It causes the scenery to vanish.
    Today our life is in for the wake.

    It passed more so an eon-
    The tea has finally dissolved,
    The sky's back to it's place,
    And our problems are now to be solved.