• i saw a guy who made me blush
    all i can do is tell myself"hush"
    im to embarrassed to talk to him
    a time for romance seems very slim

    he makes my heart thump
    i start feeling my shoulders slump
    hes cute,sweet,and neat
    but all hes heard from me is my running feet.

    i cant talk to him,hes true to himself,
    im scared ill embarrass myself.
    after all im a nobody,
    ill never be THAT sombody...

    my heart breakes as i walk away,
    my mind keeps going astray.
    i hope to god you here my pleas,
    itll be embarissing if i beg on my knees..

    so i ask one thing,
    my heart is heard as a ping.
    i just want to ask,i want you to see,
    please,i beg you,will you listen to me?

    i love you so,
    im afraid youl say no..
    will you please,
    go out with me..?