• I know the trash can man
    he will use an old steel pan
    to make you some wierd cakes
    which aren´t any fakes

    But they´ll tast like trash
    cause he´s so rash
    but when you get used to them
    he will give you a gem

    The question is "why"
    isn´t he living so high
    down in a can he lives
    but valuable things he gives

    He could be a king
    with more than just one wing
    he never ceases to suprise me
    while handing down a key

    It´s for his home
    not biger than a gnome
    it´s a can with some jewelry
    seems like he´s living independently

    I asked him why
    he ain´t reaching for the sky
    he said "I can´t go back there
    I have to live here somewhere"

    He had a good reason
    staying here during the season
    he had to take vacation
    and that was his obligation

    In the can he used to hide
    while having no pride
    he always worked day and night
    with all his might

    But he needed sometime off
    so he had to leave his loft
    in a poor man´s house he should stay
    until the last day of may

    That was yesterday
    so now he can leave today
    that´s why he gave me the house opener
    to be the new governor