• Pale lips expel and express,
    A listless wisp through a song of distress.
    The daunting eyes,
    So full of lies;
    Call me to eternal sleep,
    In my mind I can not keep.
    The perished life and song I can not hear,
    Call me to deny the one once held so dear.
    My gentle blade flickers with my insanity,
    The downward drift ruptures her vanity.
    Anguished cries sing a song so sweet,
    Followed by the tapping of my pained feet.
    The day sky fades with the aching heave of my breath,
    As I lose myself in thoughts of death.
    I turn to the night,
    To be encompassed in moonlight.
    From here I run to the taunting figure, brightly appeared,
    The ghastly figure of the one lost, can’t escape her lear.
    The realization of the illusion I’m seeing
    Sends shivers through my trembling being.
    I once again turn to escape that gaze,
    To the sea where I shall spend the rest of my days.