• Death to love

    May love die and no one find love,
    ******** everything dealing with love!
    No more Valentines Day!
    No more hearts!
    No more love songs!
    No more romantic picnics with 'lovers'!

    Love is nothing more than heartbrake waiting to happen!
    Love killed me,
    Love killed my 'lover'.

    Every red rose will turn black and die,
    All the chocolate will disappear,
    No more love.
    No more love!

    Love brings death into my life!
    Love is nothing to me
    Love is nothing!

    No more love!
    No more love!
    No more secret admires!
    No more blind dates!
    No more red roses,
    No more flowers,
    No more cards,
    No more hearts!

    Love is nothing to me.