• i dream as i look at the sky for my pride is not wide so i close my eyes and

    wish to die for I to want to die and become one with the sky with bright bule

    eyes the colour of the sky as the sky turns gery i pery for my eyes wound

    chage two to a dark gery and i wound dirft away with out a word to say

    i wound be the one to blame for the death of the storm as it blows away

    the pain wound hurt me deep as i left my feet i open my eyes to see what was

    was a dream i grin for u see if i was one with the sky the missery wound be

    mine for the death it cases so i am fine where i am where i can show love than

    than take it from this earth so as the sun gose down and the sky turns black i

    am happy to be where i am with my friends with the sky the only thing above i

    head to where i once where home with love in my heart