• She stayed quiet and watched my expression
    For I stayed still,
    As I watched the blood and snow fall on the hill.

    Winter had lied.
    She had promised a world full of peace,
    But here is the Earth,
    And the Earth has died.

    Winter had told me
    Upon her ice-cold lips
    Truth for me,
    And truth for ye.

    "The world is made up of tales
    Telling of good times and fun.
    But the world bales
    And shoots you with its gun.

    "The weather of the world is an example of its population.
    Rain turns to hale,
    And hale makes the world be shun.
    Hale turns into ice,
    And ice is my dagger,
    Into your heart, it would suffice.

    "I warned you, little child!
    You join my side, and the world has retreated
    And gone wild!
    They kill one another just to survive
    This, little child,
    This is what happens when you are alive."

    She killed me then with her own ice,
    And sprinkled it across the moon
    For a warning, when it comes her season
    That I will see her again soon.