• If love was a color, which one would it be?

    ----------Is it red? For the anger you feel when he forgets your anniversary? Rage when you see him with another girl, locked lips, and roaming hands? Red-hot, the stinging sensation left from the force of his words? Is it a bloody-fury; or a certain sickness, hollowing the base of your heart when the argument boils, sending you both into separate corners like punished children?

    -----Or is it Orange? For the fluttering butterflies tickling inside your belly, when he tells you how beautiful you are? Is it the sunshine dripping through the window shades, as your contentment blossoms, your head against his bare chest? Is it the feeling of the sun, ballooning out swallowing you in heat when he takes you to the ocean just to see the sunset? Could it be the sand that envelops you, just like the warmth of his arms?

    ---Yellow? For the peppery feelings of happiness, as his fingertips graze your cheekbone, soft feathery strokes against velvety skin? Is it lively; a bubbled sea of salty waves caressing you, like his sweet kisses down your neck? Is it your happiness when he utters those three little words, planting another kiss with each syllable?

    ---------What about Green? For the peace that overcomes you, that eats away at the other emotions until you are raw with it, and you want nothing else in the world except for time to stop forever? Is it the jealousy that flushes your face with sickening jade, as you see his eyes morph into hearts for another girl? Is it the way he makes you feel safe, like he is your ultimate protection, and you cannot be harmed?

    --------------Blue? For the hours you lay in your bed, the tears dripping down your face after the fight goes on too long? Is it the loneliness that seeps into your heart, after he won’t look you in the eyes anymore? Or is it the tranquility; the calmness that surrounds you when he hugs you, his arms wrapped around your body, tender touch that sends you into shivers?

    -------Could it be Purple? For the lavender silk ribbons he tied around a box of Ghiradelli chocolate? For the dark violet sky that sears with points of bright light, and a glowing white moon that he promised to you? Is it the magic that sparks inside of you, when he asks you to dance across the midnight sky as he takes you by the hand? Or is the fake mystery of the note placed on your pillow, pledging that you’re his one and only signed by a “secret admirer”?

    I asked you what color love would be, if it were, and you said,
    “Love is every color; love is learning to find the right one who will overcome everything to make a rainbow with you,”