• once upon a time there was a boy
    he was sad and lonely 
    with not a friend in the world

    one day he met a boy
    he was everything hed longed for
    he was his world, and so much more
    then they fell in love

    shane thought he had his happy ending
    but little did he know
    it was just the beginning

    he gave shane everything he could afford
    and this boy
    he could never ask for more

    charlies dad drank away his sorrow
    of a long lost love
    that left his heart hollow

    he watched his dad waste his life
    mourning the loss of his darling wife

    then one day his dad sobered up
    and got over the pain of his lost love
    after three years of drinking he said he was done
    but quitting his habbits, now that was no fun
    so he went off to rehab
    and the boy had to move, 
    he'd leave all his friends
    and his new boyfriend too

    the day he found out, charlie went mad
    he didn't want to leave all the good things he had

    he'd scream and he'd yell
    he told his dad that he fell
    fell for the boy of his dreams
    thats what he yelled and he screamed

    he refused to go 
    he told his dad no
    but his dad made up his mind 
    and told him what things he might find
    if hed just go and leave all of this behind

    charlie was in love and his dad didnt understand
    all he wanted was his love to hold his hand
    he wanted to stay
    just to hear him say
    all the things that he longed for
    hed tell him those things and more

    one day he got sad
    around these people he'd always had
    he said he couldn't live without them in his life
    only then did they know his true strife

    he tried to end his life 
    numerous times, way more than twice
    his love could do nothing but stay there and cry
    he saw him once when he tried to die

    it wounded his heart 
    he knew they would part
    only if his charlie
    could make this hard journey
    hed see him sometime
    maybe still in this life

    he finally moved 
    to a place far away
    and this boy, he knew
    he was gone to stay

    he took this news hard
    he could not be so far
    from the one that he loved 
    his sweet little dove

    but he was already gone
    his dad had won
    and the poor boy couldn't stand
    not holding his hand

    this terrible strife
    once again, tried to steal his life
    he'd say he was fine
    but that was a lie
    secretly he longed, to drown in high tide

    he'd throw himself into the water
    he said he was doing it from hurt
    the news of this broke his heart
    even more than when they had to part

    he finally got something to drown out his hurt
    it was medicine the doctor said could work
    this medicine was good and it worked like a charm
    but in the end all it did was harm

    for one night he was found 
    in an ally peacefully sound
    for his pills and his drugs
    that he took all for love
    destroyed the one thing 
    that he used to love me

    corruption in part
    had destroyed his heart
    with a blissful explosion of his veins and his arteries
    this is how my love had managed to part from me