• Your happiness only came from our nights,
    so I gave it up under the stars,
    but now even on the brightest days,
    my sun still grows dark.

    Your tears strain the atmosphere,
    like my blood stains the morning after years.
    Please take away these scars,
    but this is what i get for letting it get so far.

    Ill close my eyes tight,
    and your hands will reach out for mine.
    Youll pin me down,
    and ill scream at myself inside.

    He reasures me that he cares and that im a such good friend,
    but its hard to believe when the next night it happens all over again.
    Theres no point in hanging around inside if ill just be your sweet sin,
    Cause im so tired of bearing on the outside always peering in.

    Night after night i lye awake in this painful inffliction,
    just kill me for my body its more common fact rather than fiction.
    Your insobriety really contributes to the things you do,
    i beg them to cure me, they say im nt sick, but i knw damn well its true.

    Its time for us to split cause im not only good for copulation,
    Ill divulge this obscure secret that your really my own creation.
    Your whispers are screaming and echoing in my head,
    why couldn't you have warned me about these words left unsaid?