• ----^--------^--------^--------^--------
    Sometimes I don't sleep at my grandma's house
    It's a personal flame, that I never wanna douse
    I stay up all night & watch TV
    It's the only place I got my privacy
    I walk in circles thinkin how I got it made
    Family, support, not to rain on your parade but
    I wanna get laid by an electrostar
    A chick that can rock, & does it hard
    That may not be the only thing I want tonight
    I wanna change all the laws & make my own rights
    Free marijuana & kinky sex
    & then I think about the law I'm makin next
    If we don't get what we want
    We gotta pull off the ultimate stunt
    Black bear traps & electrical tripwire
    & throw all the newspapers into a bigfire

    Life is full of choices, baby
    But we can't choose em all
    (is the way & the life I said)
    (all day & night)