• To those who think,
    this world is sweet,
    and is nothing bad.
    I'd hate to break,
    your thoughtless dream,
    of living in a well brought up world.
    This world today,
    is even worse,
    then the world from the past.
    People fight wars,
    for this country,
    and their right to be free.
    I should know,
    because my uncle grew,
    in a plantation.
    When he was three,
    he was left,
    to weed those cotten seeds.
    But maybe if the people of this world,
    would open their eyes,
    to a sight to see.
    Then they would know,
    that this isn't right,
    and bring our soldiers home.
    And they would try,
    to help those poor people,
    that live on the street.
    So hopefully our president,
    will open his eyes,
    and right what is wrong.