• I saw you standing there,
    so tall and strong.
    i tried my best not to cry,
    when you said good bye.
    you looked into my eyes and smiled,
    "Its ok to cry....let it out."
    i felt each tear,
    roll down my cheek.
    you looked at me with surprise,
    when i started to cry.
    you laughed,
    and turned to walk away.
    "Please don't leave me,
    in the dark to die!"
    but you only laughed,
    and walked out of my life.
    i grabbed my chest,
    and gasped in pain.
    "You broke my heart,
    i knew you would from the start."
    i fell to me knees,
    and cluched my chest.
    i knew from the start,
    that this would happen.
    but when i saw you walk by with that girl,
    i silently promised that love will never again be apart of me.