• God, she pleeds to you to spare her life. She's yet filled her brain with precious jems and loot. Sadly, you let her lay here unable to feed herself. Without anyone to hold her. She does not wish to have love and does not seek any. She wants and embrace that shall cure a hole. A ditch so deep, even she cannot find it.
    She stretches her last breaths, " I'm dying in a cave and no one can hear me scream. No one can view my blood. No one can touch my pain. Why am I here? What is the purpose? have I not been isolated enough for thee to see my sorrow? For thee to taste the salty metal of my blue blood? I have expressed sins, but at this moment what sin do I have to create?!
    Help me, oh wise one, for thee will have feet scrubbed into the gold of a roman god." She breathes rose petals while her butifal, bony, pale finger skims over the thorns of a black rose. Her blood is raiped by oxygen and spread like butter over the mouth of the rose. And she slowly looses vision and says, " I love you, my God." The rose turns red and she gayly skips through her nirvana above. As she skips through the valley of black roses, her contageous blood transorms the roses to red. She is estatic and now remiss.