• Some people choose to hide themselves,
    beneath layers of grey,
    to quitely go with the crowd,
    in hopes to avert the gaze away,

    Sometimes that's all right,
    somedays that's ok,
    costumes can be fun at night,
    but not every day,

    Everyone's a little off,
    after all, we all have our quirks and ways,
    It could be your habits,
    the words you choose to say,

    Some try to hide their qualities,
    keep them buried inside,
    other's burst them out and say,
    "Let's do away with all this grey!"

    Our lives are filled with choices,
    and those choices must be made,
    You must decide to take part in the parade,
    Or in be a part of the the crowd,
    Judging those at play,

    Those who scoff and complain,
    they will live their lives,
    without the pleasure of surprise,
    they will accept their destiny,
    sanguine and self-assured,

    But those who embrace themselves,
    all their qualities and quirks
    they will live the lives,
    that everyone deserves.