• Galloping west, on a slim bumpy trail,
    The hoofs pounding fast, blackness hiding the horse's tail,
    The rider of tears, moving faster with commands,
    The vision is blurred, as they ride through the sands.

    A young and fair maiden, sits at her window, where she loves to stay,
    Watching the rider move forth, to take her away, to take her far away,
    He stops in the night, and kisses her lips,
    "Those demons are coming, these lips i will miss."

    "I need to ride off now, but i promise to come back."
    And just as fast as he came, he left just as fast,
    She sits there heartbroken, watching her love dissapear,
    And soon the missionaries are drawing near.

    They stop by the house, and break open the door,
    They put a bottle to her fathers head, need i say more?
    The sound alerts the rider, who is miles ahead
    Who is too scared to go farther, and fears his love is dead.

    She shivers in her room, as come in smelling of gun powder,
    She says not a word to them, about her midnight riding lover.
    Instead they put the gun to her head, but does not pull the trigger,
    He'll come back to save her, The instintly figure.

    And how they were right, he came back to save her, the fair maiden,
    But he was just too late, and blackness was fadin'.
    They saw him, and quite shocked, went to attack,
    Leaving the gun behind, she knew he would loose, and yanked back the metal there in the black.

    Without his love, the midnight rider gave up and promised to love her forever,
    And was killed next to her where they would always stay together,
    The guards and the knights, had done what they came for,
    And with a smirk and kick, left out the front door.

    And in the middle of the night, you can still hear the riders footsteps,
    You can still see the house where the young maiden slept,
    And deep in the night, you can hear the tears,
    But it only heard as the dawn nears.