• Living in a burning fire of memories.
    If you touch one you are scarred for life.
    A little girl, only 2, touched the flame of death.
    The Montagues, mean and frightning,
    killing off the Capulets, one by one with his mighty sword.
    Her parents, on the floor, blood flowing from their stomachs,
    left the little girl an orphan.
    Her name was Juliet.

    A man, a red hat and tights.
    A hero in the making.
    The Red Whirlwind, blows through the town.
    Trying to rid the town of Montagues.
    With help from friends he saves the town once again.
    What nobody knows is the girl underneth,
    The girl that the man wishes to free.
    His name was the Red Whirlwind.

    Living with Mr. Shakespeare was a pain.
    Making poor Oden help out.
    He played sheep and background props,
    Listening to the old man's shouts.
    "It must be perfect! The audience demands it!" he rants on and on.
    Oden only nods and trys harder.
    His wrists small but useful,
    is the only fault to being a boy.
    His name was Oden.

    But all stay in one room.
    One heart they all share.
    The girl named Cordelia helps them every day,
    to hide and protect the truth.
    They were all the same girl.
    The girl with 3 names had smelled like irises.
    Sitting at the fountain, collecting her memories.
    The boy must walk up and ask,
    "Miss, are you alright?"
    They stare and stare, for a while that is.
    His name was Romeo, and his heart was set on the girl with 3 names.
    Lady Juliet of the Capulets.
    A begining to a forbidden love.