• can you see me...

    can you see me beyond my mask that i use to hide from the world, to fool those who only seek to use me, to abuse me, then throw me away?

    can you see me beyond the lies i tell you so you don't worry, fret, or feel guilty, beyond everything i told you that wasn't real so you could see that I was?

    can you see me beyond the pain and anger i feel, the anger that make me hate the world. the pain that drives me insane?

    can you see me in this darkness of mine, where i truly am alone and safe, where none can touch me?

    can you see me when i cry, cry after you say good bye, after you leave me behind in this misery?

    can you see me when i fall apart after i lose you, lose you to another just because she says she is better and that she could give you what i never could, beyond my dark angry green eyes that swear vengeance?

    can you see me when I finally say good bye, when i walk away leaving you behind this time, never to look at you the same?

    can you see me when i'm no longer around and only in your dreams, never hear from or see ever again?

    can you finally see me when i have died inside, letting the pain take over and all my cares for this world disappear.

    can you finally see me after my body has sunk to the bottom of the river, a note on your pillow saying : "I could never give you everything but i gave you my heart, I see now that in the end you couldn't see me because it wasn't enough..."