• I don't want
    to be afraid anymore.
    I want to explore,
    I want to adventure.
    I want to distract myself
    from my thoughts and memories.
    And as I look at you...
    I don't want anymore...
    I need.
    I need to breathe.
    I need to feel.
    I need to know,
    that this is real.
    Devoted beyond control,
    yes, this is my heart that you hold.
    I've been long dead in reality,
    surviving off this dream.
    But now it's as if; in little ways,
    you've begun to forget about our team.
    The promises promised.
    And the exchange of broken hearts.
    What is going on,
    to make you act so blindly?
    How can you fail to see,
    that I'm not in this,
    just for me.