• We all search for that one person
    who is worth all the pain
    and all the lies.
    You both are gonna cry,
    both are gonna sigh,
    wanna say goodbye,
    drawn together
    unable to die.

    With their hand in yours,
    you feel so happy.
    Unable to feel mad,
    unable to be glad.
    Stuck in between
    Earth and heaven.
    Bottled up emotions for eleven-
    years all the endless cans of beers
    to get past the pain
    hauting you from all that rain
    that soaked you through.
    Inside you know you dry
    Inside you know you wana cry
    but all the tears are gone
    your excuses are none
    your memories are laying across
    your front lawn.
    You threw everything out
    didn't even shout,
    and when I came home
    you were gone.

    You left me a note
    one last goodbye,
    I felt the tears,
    flow down my tie.
    I watched as the years
    escaped my grasp,
    I reached for you
    but you just laughed.

    You took the car,
    took the money,
    even took my fish named Honey.
    Honey, what is wrong with me?
    Why did you leave?
    Why didn't you at least...