• First verise:
    When we met,
    I saw the sparkle in your eyes.
    When we spoke,
    I felt sparks fly.
    When we danced,
    I felt as light as air.
    When we kissed,
    I felt like i was in a dream somewhere.

    I never belived in true love,
    but i never met a girl like you.
    And it was love at first sight,
    I love everything you do.
    Take my hand and run away with me
    and ill show that it is more than a dream.
    I want you with me cause now i belive.

    Second verise:
    Some how i felt like it was a miracle.
    It was like i was in a dream.
    First we were BFF's,
    and now we are like Romeo and Juliet.
    I'll take care of you and love you.
    If your not mine there is no other fish
    in the sea.
    I need you with me.

    Repeat chorus 3x

    It's like we are in a dream,
    and everything is in perfect harmony.