• You’ve taken all this pain the way you used to
    My skin, my muscle, and bones ripped away in sorry
    You hold my soul in your hands only to rip it in two
    You’ve destroyed everything having despair follow,

    My dear puppeteer why do you misuse me so
    You control me then cut away at my strings
    I am nothing but and dirty puppet dust collecting as I grow old
    Your whispers eat away at my hear and makes me disappear,

    So rip at my eyes and pull them out of their sockets
    Like the blood off your fingers as my tears bleed
    Tear out my veins and shove them in your pockets
    Give me these lovely things that is what I need,

    Crawl into my mind to bend me to your will
    Replace my memories and leave my miseries
    Crawl down my spine to leave a chill
    Take away my happiness because it’s part of the pointless things,

    Cut slices into my hear to make it smoother
    Tighten your grip on the string on my stitches
    You don’t ever hesitate to grab the knife and make it deeper
    Fixing me every time I fall apart from the creases,

    Cover my heart in scars and then your kisses
    How your lips make my soul quiver
    You’ve filled my writing with death wishes
    Losing more blood as my body shivers,

    My world turning, broken, and black
    As you cut my heart into pieces
    While falling from a cracked sky as it collapse
    My existence slowly becoming meaningless,

    Put a bullet in my skull while I’m on my knees
    Fill my lungs with your poison
    Sit back and watch as I crawl and plead
    Trying to hold on but I’m already broken,

    Put in nightmares instead of sugarplums
    Then leave me there my dear puppeteer
    Surround my sky in darkness and take the sun
    Take away my pride and bravery give me more fears,

    You’ve made my heart to be cracked and chipped
    Made me more or less to you perfect
    Some of the things you do to me made my stomach flip
    Though you made me out of your curses.