• In the dark, alone I sit
    here and forever more.
    I think about the words that you said,
    and the ones that were left silent on our tongues.
    I think about what used to be,
    and what could be again.
    I think about the words you said,
    and the ones I wish to hear again.
    Even after all that happened,
    you stood by me again and again.
    Time after time,
    day after day.
    You remain by my side.
    I forget the reasons why
    we had to say goodbye.
    But now that we are alone again,
    I wish to hold you.
    to my breast and hear you sigh,
    meaningless nothings that made me feel high.
    how I miss you, how I want you
    Though I don't understand why.
    And as I sit alone in my darkness,
    I begin to break again and cry.
    I still love you,
    I still need you.
    The deepness of these wounds remain,
    but I'm addicted to you all the same.