• flirting with the devil, kissing the flames, dancing with sin.
    seems like I'd never win.
    once you've been kissed, burned by his touch, you see pass the smoke and mirrors, the devil no longer dazzles you.
    even after I've seen past all the tricks, i still want more.
    the devil still catches my eye.
    is it his angelic looks?
    or is it the rush i get every time his kiss burns my lips?
    i believe its both.
    i wonder if there is more to the story, but i can only hope.
    will this all me and the devil will ever be?
    every single time he comes back, that's always the lingering question.
    i should know better by now, but the devil is so tempting.
    should i take what i have left, and run from the devil?
    that would be to easy, I'm sure he'd come looking for me.... like he always has.
    hmm....... i guess I'll continue to flirt with the devil, until he's decides how to finish me... evil