• Someone please help me. 
    Love won't save me. 
    Instead, it hurts me. 
    I'm now slow and dizzy. 

    On the ground floor sits you. 
    I'm in the tower looking at you. 
    I'm in the stairwell racing for you 
    But you could never care for me. 

    I'm reaching for the ground floor.  
    I'm falling to the ground floor. 
    I'm dead on the ground floor. 
    And love dies with me. 

    You're walking away with him. 
    You're stepping over me with him. 
    You're falling in love with him. 
    Now my memory will blow away. 

    He could care less about your heart. 
    He plunged his sword into your heart. 
    He carelessly broke your fragile heart. 
    But now you cry for me?

    I am now dead. 
    Your heart is now dead. 
    He soon will be dead. 
    But first comes you. 

    You never said that you loved me. 
    You never reached out and hugged me. 
    You're never going to miss me. 
    But I'm dead because of you.