• Cut the eyes
    Cut the chords
    I'll look at mine
    If you look at yours
    Fall back into the dusk
    That i've made with our touch
    Lie your way through me
    If you can live an empty rush
    Tell me your story
    I'll try to not get bored
    You look oh so lovely
    I'm tired, down and, torn
    Lend me your smile
    You're heaven here on earth
    Mask my thoughs so vile
    To sin they've given birth
    See the line
    See the slope
    You'll fall with me
    Of that I know
    Laugh out with all you're told
    So you'll never feel so droll
    Lie tonight with me
    So you'll never feel so cold
    Joke at your worries
    They won't burn you at first
    Of all that we hurry
    We can drown in your thirst
    Move to the style
    Your hips sway to the sea
    A creature of trial
    I'll bend you my sweet.