• Dear Mister Nightmare, how did you get inside my head?

    I've been restless aside my bed, better left unsaid.

    Walking recklessly outside my door.

    I can't lead my path anymore.

    I'm a total mess.

    This I know, I must confess.

    Straying away from my happy place.

    I am falling asleep underneath your face.

    Mister Nightmare, please don't taint my dreams.

    My heart is nearly hanging off from it's seams.

    Scare me to death, don't hesitate.

    Don't be a fool, it's not too late.

    My sword and shield turned spirit and heart.

    I'll end this even if I have to tear you apart.

    This pain I hold, it sinks in deep.

    As I watch you haunt all the other girls' sleep.

    You've made your mark in between their lips.

    As they throw themselves in between your hips.

    A nightmare you truly are.

    You're no hero nor a star.

    I want out to my happy place.

    I'm sick of falling asleep underneath your face.

    You are better off as just another thought.

    As the nightmare who once had my heart carelessly caught.