• Imagination

    This is the imagination station
    Were you can view creation
    But now its some kind of misrepresentation
    Of some sorta investigation
    We need a kind of collaboration
    So this does not become an assassination
    Or termination
    Or even molestation
    You can revoke our visitation
    Put us down without hesitation
    Beat us till extermination
    For your own exhilaration
    But this will lead you to damnation
    Through industrialization
    It will be a violation
    Of salvation
    And with your own eradication
    We will embrace reincarnation
    The allocation
    Of our resignation
    Shall be our final destination
    So let this be an invitation
    To open your imagination
    And let this end your anticipation
    And be compensation
    For this long awaited sensation
    And do not feel aggravation
    For this is the life you’ve made