• There was that time
    When everything was dark
    And nothing would rhyme
    At that time
    The air was polluted
    Water was rancid
    And minds and feelings were deluded
    Tears were automatic
    The road I walked
    Turned into a jagged mountain
    The monster feeling that stalked
    My emotions
    Ran freely
    Actions acted by themselves
    Though there were strings attached
    Movement was labored and difficult
    When I cut those strings
    And tried to revolt
    I fell
    Deep down
    Into that darkness
    Every smile seemed to be a frown
    I decided to give up
    And just lay there in my own pile of misery forever
    I had no will to live up
    And recover
    But then I saw
    That brief flash of light
    I looked at it in awe
    In fright
    I knew it wouldn't last long
    I tried to reach for it, falling
    I wished the time I had would prolong
    I struggled
    But in vain
    I knew I couldn't reach it but I still tried
    Tears or rain
    I began to cry
    But then a foot came out
    And booted me through and above
    My lip pulled into a pout
    As I began to crumble
    You caught me again
    "Why?" I asked
    "Because I'm your friend."
    "If you are willing to try,"
    "To pull yourself out of that darkness,"
    "I am willing to help you to the best of my powers."
    Out of the darkness
    I was for the rest of my life
    I could still feel it creep sometimes
    But I push it away
    I remembered the time
    When I thought no one would help me
    And I mattered nothing.