• The sand
    Soft beneath my soles
    Scrubbing in between my toes
    An average day
    Or so I thought

    The wave came all at once
    Smothered me with salty water
    In my eyes
    I stood
    I gasped for air
    For life

    My first day at this new beach
    I've dreamt of this all summer
    Clear waters, bright skies, light breeze

    But shards of coral shredded my feet
    Soft sand is no more
    It never was

    The rhythm of the wave
    All you can hear
    Schools of fish dance flowing ballets throughout the reef

    But I Am...
    Water like air, easy to flow through
    A drowned child
    A shipwreck phantom

    I Am...
    Lost in a vast sea of creativity
    Of ideas
    I don't think so
    Only fish feeding freely

    It's cold towards the bottom
    Only the ocean's top layer can keep you warm
    Close to something you call the Sun
    I call it a blazing fireball
    The coral reef, the winner's realm
    The sharks live there too
    But I'm not up there
    I can't get up there
    I won't get up there
    I hate it up there
    Why would you want to be there?

    Sharks zigzag through pastel hallways
    Looking for prey
    For me
    I though I could outrun them
    I lost

    I died that day
    All over again
    It hurts, you know
    It hurts when your flesh is torn away
    First punctured, then ripped slowly
    Like peeling an orange
    The rind is my skin

    Underwater, you can't see tears
    Can't see storms
    Can't hear screams
    I wish you could
    Maybe then someone would've helped me
    No one cared
    Not even me

    It's over
    At least I thought it was
    But a miracle happened
    A new world
    A new being
    A new me
    Mother Nature saved me
    She finished the puzzle
    Pasted my body back together
    The animals teamed up
    Turtles carried me to shore
    Dolphins brought me water
    Snakes were body guards

    Now I Am...
    Washed back to shore
    Like I just took a long bubble bath with soothing dancing waters
    I've opened my pores
    They've been clogged forever
    For all eternity
    I never noticed how filthy I was
    How gray

    A crying, healthy baby straight from the womb
    I ran before I crawled
    I am already clothed
    Ready to explore the world We call earth
    You call Home
    I call it Home now, too