• love is not understanding

    they dont care about your past only the future they want with you
    they think they can own a person but they just dot see
    they think they can fix your problems but they dont know how

    if this is the way they are why do people feel love
    if this is the way they are why do you want love

    what is love I dont understand
    when it breaks can you fix it
    why do I want such a thing
    who would give their heart to me
    how would I live with such a burden

    I dont believe in posession but that is what they want
    I give them free will and they walk all over
    I can fix anything but what happens after they are fixed

    I fixed her heart and then it ended
    I fixed her life and then it ended

    now hears the truth
    I never had a heart to give just a black hole
    just wanted to fix her life so she wouldnt end up dead
    I got what I wanted
    why do I now feel like I have been missing something this whole time

    oh thats right no heart to give
    is it so important to have a heart
    or maybe I just lack love cause it went to someone else
    someone that is lost to me

    where do I go
    where do I go