• If only you knew how despreate i was
    If only i could hold u
    If you could be my valentine,
    id finally be happy.
    I wouldnt be lost in this critical world
    Or dreaming of how things could have been if u accepted me...

    But its different now,
    you have a girlfriend and i guess i lost my chance...
    I hate the word love now i never felt like this before

    From day one i liked you but u didnt see it
    Of coarse i feel all left alone,

    When im with ur girlfriend she likes to make me jealous,
    by sending u hearts on facebook...
    I have to leave the room because she doesnt see
    how much it hurts me inside

    My stomach twists and turns
    I wish i never came
    Im sorry, im sorry, but i cant take this anymore.

    i guess i will have to live through the pain like i always do.

    <3 I love you <3 but i fail