• burning_eyes Who cares if im different

    Who cares who I love

    Let me be who I am

    I dont care what you think

    Your just a faceless demon

    You make fun of others,

    to raise your self esteem

    just because I dont show my feelings,

    doesent mean I dont have any

    just because I dont talk ,

    doesent mean I dont have anything to say

    because belive me my mind is full

    I wish I could tell you,

    what a meaningless b*****d you are

    but im too afraid

    of what the outcome might be

    I dont know why,

    I dont even like my life,

    but for some reason

    I just cant speak my mind

    I love my friends

    and I love my family

    but this life,

    is just a waste of time

    and a waste of breath

    if I cant gather up

    enough courage

    to give this myself a meaning

    to give myself a place in this


    meaningless,mesterious.....self destroying world:burning