• Quit Smoking

    Write that novel
    that I've been planning
    for three resolutions...

    Dance for the stars
    they're lonely up there
    shining and dying
    for their nearest neighbor
    millions of miles away.

    Quit smoking
    because my lungs can't take it

    Quit drinking
    well, maybe not quit
    my throat would be dry
    by next New Year.

    Wait for something better
    or someone
    maybe become something

    Quit smoking,
    because by March
    I'll have a Gin and tonic
    and knowing me
    (which I half-way do)
    my fingers will be finding that pack
    in my underwear drawer
    just under the boxers
    I don't wear anymore.

    Get rid of boxers.

    Play in the rain
    naked if I'm feeling daring.

    Memorize poetry
    write poetry
    Become poetry.

    Most importantly
    forget you
    and your long lashes
    and lost promises.
    Whoever you are.