• Herein I speak of love and life
    From which all blessing springs.
    A day of joy and night of strife:
    The truths which young love brings.

    I, born to counsel and to grieve
    For one found passing fair,
    Sought I her heart on Cupid's eve
    Among the fragrant air.

    This maiden's eyes found mine by chance,
    And deep beneath their source:
    My beauty shone by sweet enhance
    And Earth's turn in it's course.

    The earthen eyes and auburn hair
    She bodily possessed
    Compelled me to pursue despair
    Mistaken then as blessed.

    This name of mine was guarded safe,
    Caressed upon her tongue,
    Yet her mouth became unsafe
    For one naive and young.

    Lost I her wit and lovely charm
    To one more handsome born.
    Try as I might to not alarm
    Her loathing and her scorn.

    With siren gone and music quelled,
    I, by myself, do fear
    What shall come of this love still held
    At the passing of the year.