• i couldnt be diffrent
    even if i wanted to change
    everything is the same
    moment break from the drowning
    head held high
    for some needed breathing
    ill tell you again
    i cant stay down here
    im losing my mind
    creating new friends
    where have they gone
    there all traped inside
    a new world in a dark hole
    pull me out
    gain my trust
    im falling apart from you
    its nothing to show
    im not for your eyes anymore
    just another image
    inside your head
    just another memory
    under your bed
    crawl away from you
    the last thing i can do
    just get away
    from the psyco
    i call you
    my love twisted
    out from my heart
    drained again to the floor
    a sorrow gray
    consumes us all
    im tired of trying to say
    i want to leave this hole you call home
    break away from a place
    with out the new memorys
    of a true love
    change the way to get out
    ill remain traped here
    no way out of this world
    im another world away from you
    theres nothing you can do to get me
    im alone on a land unknown to me
    your not here
    it will be ok
    ill find someone new
    now that im another world
    away from you