• Dream of stars, watch the light fall down towards us.
    Fly through the vast skies just ti see if you can steal one.
    Steal a single candle from the Lord of Night, and suffer his wrath.
    Touch the moon, and watch his works of living fir eat a thief alive.
    Do not steal the stars, never touch the skies.

    Starless, without stars.

    Loving night would loose its meaning without the mare lights.
    Moon cannot live without his daughters surfing the dark sky.
    You, i, but humans adoring the white fireflies.
    Night himself will curse us, if we try to steal his fire.
    Envious Day will wager with Night if i can last the a while.

    Stole a star, now i slowly disappear.
    My punishment is the wake of living, wake of pain.
    My treasure no longer mine.
    It is, but a jewel adoring the holder of my Ace of Hearts.
    Now, i'm just a fearless Joker playing with my own life.