• Not too long ago,
    you cradled me in your arms.
    Made me feel loved and unharmed.
    When you told me your decision,
    I thought it was a false alarm,
    but now that its all different now. . .
    My heart is forever harmed.

    You left to fight for your country,
    to fight for the people who loved the home of the free.
    But what about my feelings?
    You didn't fight for me.

    Cocky as you were,
    you thought you were coming home.
    I sat there in the dark, all alone.
    When I thought of you, I looked
    at the phone.
    Hoping you would call
    but as usual I was wrong.
    I knew you wouldn't come home all alone,
    but I smiled for you at the door
    because I wanted you to be strong.

    I remember our memories,
    both of your memorial ceremonies.
    Everything about you brought me to tears,
    it doesn't even feel like two years.

    In your room I can sense your there.
    Guarding me and like always, you stroke my hair.

    I wish for one last time you would call my name
    and tell me that I am not to blame.
    Life is just an unfair game.

    I remember when you use to lay next to me at night,
    holding me tight until the sun brought its morning light.
    Can you please tell me my insecurities are wrong!
    I know life is never long.

    I can never let you go,
    because my heart can't forget.
    I should of told you no and its my greatest regret.