• I wish I was a little bird
    My tiny wings would take me out of this place, this cage, however gilded it may be
    I would be a finch or sparrow in the sky
    Only staying in one place when I need to feel safe and warm

    If I were a bird, I could hide
    From all the things that give me such downcast eyes
    Chirp music when I had something to say
    Out fly the things that want to ground me
    I'm not made for this cage

    I wish I was a tiger
    Strong enough to break-free of this confined space
    My orange coat would be be as bright as the daylight with prominent black stripes
    They would display what I need to say

    If I were a tiger, I could fight,
    Against all the things that cause my friends to fall or drown
    Growl a warning to stay away, seeing as how my words can never convey
    Pin all of my problems to the ground
    I'm not made for this zoo'd display cage

    I can't stay, not like this
    I can't be contained in this place
    Restrained when I need to be free
    I'll go my own way