• Unknown feelings lay hidden beneath fragile hearts torn by rusted promises. Wisps of memories, no, more like nightmares plague your every thought leaving you in familiar ground

    Scream, shout cry. What good will it do you when no one will listen no matter what truths leave such lips

    His mouth, like a fairytale of words twisted til they became reality, your reality. As painful as it seems.

    Left to pick up the broken pieces of what kept you alive and alone. Feelings aren’t meant for the imperfect mundane existence we so frailly cling to.

    He was the only one you dreamed of on late nights, happiness seemed within your grasp, and yet that happiness was gilded

    One tear, then the other falling to show your suffering on the surface as the pain rages from the inside.

    Don’t let him look at you that way, his eyes give it all away. Every intention to break you.