• deep in the sealab what is there lurkin ?
    its end bosses gerkin that is there jerkin

    yellin into his pager "were engaged to major danger
    theres stranger rangers smellin like big bane sure"
    sending out grunny subs starting a bloody pain war
    dangling bullying trying to bring us to faint blurred
    until he finds out his insane slur is in vain whir

    then he gets out belly and his claws
    babbling flaw hovering without laws
    we dont really care bout his claws coz
    when we slaughter his belly he'll pause
    sending rockets but beginning calls
    to spiked annoying exploding balls
    everybody running to the walls panic howls

    fat-headed end boss starts using his head
    we aint stopping coz loot aint yet shed
    continuing to stab smack blast pelt bat
    spill boss blood rill kill until hes dead

    yay hes away now we lay in gold like in hay
    gay all over feeling like lucky clover in may
    teleporting to a tavern filled with spammers that ray
    heading back on the way to shallow seas to play
    we rove there to assay slay flay spay gay prey
    coz over and over dull end boss will pay