• Every body listen as I go into rhyme
    As I spit about what all of you feel at a time
    I'll just say its about fakes, so you all know the deal,
    Even though most of us are probably real
    I know a dude who used to go with me to school
    I told him he was with the wrong people,
    but he thought it was cool
    What a fool
    Stubborn as a mule
    Wouldn't listen to what I said
    And now he's brain dead
    Every ounce of respect is gone
    As well as his cred
    His heart's heavy like lead,
    So he dropped to his downfall,
    His fake friends did it all
    Cause he didn't listen to his real homie's call
    They sold him out, like they worked at the mall
    And just think for a moment, has it happened to you?
    I'll just say it did at least, and I'll probably be true