• My Dearest Sweet Flower,

    It is with the deepest anguish of sorrow that I write this letter to you now. For nearly half of my life, all that I can account from it is being trapped. Some place where no light, no sound, no hope shines in to help me or anyone else that has shared my fate. However, I have been given something that so many can only dream about. I have been given the chance to escape my embodying pit of despair thanks to the help of only one person:

    You have given me the one thing that can save me from this everlasting feeling of helplessness and despair. And I love you for that; with every fiber of my being, I do. The only thing I can do is hope that someday I can make it up to and show you just how much pain and suffering you’ve saved me from. If I could make you smile, everyday, and never have to see you suffer from the pain I’ve felt, then maybe I could die happily. If I could find someway or someone who would never cause you to experience the nightmarish torture I have, then I can finally live with a clear conscience.
    You might never know whats going on in this world, and for some reason, I hope you never do. The sadness, pain, and guilt that fills everyones hearts is too much for anyone to bear witness to. It wounds and scars everyone who sees it and causes them to do unseakable things. Yet, you haven’t seen it, and can still help others like me from their pain. Thank you, for so much, thank you, I am always and forever yours,