• • My mind is a vortex,
A whirlwind.
My life is a fantasy,
A dream.
Still my mind wanders to dark places,
To thoughts of evil, misery, and pain.
It is an unending void
With an evil presence
That consumes my essence.
It chokes, strangles, mangles, and tears
Every decent, sane thought away;
Laughing with glee as my sanity leaves me.
It destroys me.
Piece by piece,
Bit by bit,
I am undone.

Yet somewhere in the dark,
There is light.
A figure, a silhouette...
He stands before me,
Flawless in my minds eye.
Holding me tight he pulls me away
From the darkness, the pain,
My own evil.
I pray he'll never leave.

Softly he whispers,
"I never have,
and I never will."