• I don't know if people see the real me
    I wonder if they notice the wall I've placed before me
    It takes a lot of effort to break the mask
    Much more than an "Are you okay?" that you ask

    I figured that I've set my face as cheerful every morning
    But in my journal, I see a frown every evening
    Outside all you see is the carefree version of me
    But deep inside I don't know who I really ought to be

    "Yes, I am fine" is my lie
    Even I get fooled by it at times
    After believing everything's okay
    I never really took the time to pray

    My eyes are full of tears, my mind is full of fears
    But I am still waiting for something...
    Something or someone? I, myself, am not quite sure
    But my heart is heavy, still all you can see is a carefree version of me

    So to whom it may concern,
    please don't easily give up when the bridge you and I built get burned
    If you really want to know me, there's one thing you've got to learn
    It will take a reasonable amount of your time till my thoughts you can discern