• The Meaning of Pain

    Sleep in pain
    Wake in pain
    Pain is unbearable

    You forgotten how normal feels

    Give any thing to make it go away
    You don’t want it anymore

    Never ending pain
    It comes and goes

    Weak it begins but becomes stronger in time.
    The pain that makes you curl up inside.

    It hurts; you want it to stop, to go away and never come back
    But it won’t, only pain decides when it goes

    The never-ending pain

    You can’t hold it in anymore, it’s too much.
    The pain
    Just want to let your self go
    Will it be easier?
    The pain, it devours you.

    You cry.
    Did it make a difference?

    You scream.
    Did it make you feel better?

    You moan for help,
    You know no one will.

    The pain is still there, still strong.

    The pain is numb
    It’s incredible
    You feel new
    Take over the world if you want
    You’re free; you can do anything.
    Everything seems better now.


    The pain will return, pulsing with new life,
    Its absence will make you weak.
    You will wish, beg; plead for it to go away
    That pain that urge you to take your life.

    All your worries awaken
    You can't think, can't eat, this pain.

    Why you? Why them? Why anybody?

    It pikes. You cringe.
    Make it stop, you scream,
    Someone make it stop.

    You sleep with hope.
    Hope that the pain will go away, and it will
    It' always does; sleep makes everything better.

    The cycle continues.