• He like the rays of the sun,
    Traveled at a speed not know to any man
    As he fall towards the ground ,
    He thought of a song that would do his grandchild good

    He like a bird without wings,
    Sink to the floor like a brick in water
    Singing a song that would haven been the envy of a man past his prime.

    Oh child of my seed
    Grow tall as I am free
    Be strong were I was weak

    Oh, child of this time
    Escape this path of mine

    Find this place called home
    Keep warm and dry

    Oh Joy Of My Joy
    Grow tall as I am free
    Be strong where I was weak

    This man like the rain, fell from the sky
    Sung a song that would have made his grandchild proud
    A song full of love , of despair and of the life that wasn't lived.