• They tell the broken child
    Who cries because she believes
    The lies of all those demons
    And the others who deceive
    The little rhyme
    About sticks and stones
    But what they don't see
    Is the broken bones
    The bones of her spirit
    Where no one thinks to check
    Those words they say
    Are like a noose around her neck
    Tightening even further
    With every comment said
    Making her wish more and more
    That she were truly dead
    So next time you hear
    Sticks and stones
    Please remember
    They do beak bones
    Words can hurt
    And break your heart
    That's how my world
    Truly fell apart…
    No one believed me
    When I said I was breaking
    No one listened
    When I said I was aching
    So I took that knife
    And slit my throat
    They finally listened
    When they read that note...