• When Love Comes Crashing Down

    Just when you think it’s clear,
    Lust turns into fear.
    I really must learn not to skip before flight,
    And even when the time is right, we must never lose sight,
    Of the ones we hold so tight.

    Our hearts must keep in fight,
    And even when loss is in reach, and the blood is in full flood,
    We must never back down, and never touch ground,
    For our spirits are to high for our beating hearts to die.

    But if life has stabbed you with it’s knife,
    Just know that the circle never ends and never ever stops,
    And when your plane has crashed and your lying real low,
    Don’t worry it’s not over, brush yourself off and take a little breather,
    I promise not say I told you so.

    When the time comes, when your can’t get back up,
    When the crush of the crash has damaged you way to much,
    I will rush to your side, don’t worry don’t cry,
    I will lie with you in the ruins,
    Un till the time comes for you to find our place in heaven.

    But that time is far and wide, so my lover you must hold tight,
    The fight is almost over, and soon you will see,
    Just how high we can fly together, . . . Forever
    My lover.